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Mellyondrums: Brotherly love! @justinbieber and Jaxon playing my electronic kit #BelieveTour

“Heard about Justin on the news. While I understand the law, 10 cop cars and full news coverage over an egging is ridiculous and over kill because he’s 19. He’s going through a wild phase. I guarantee he didn’t do 20k worth of damage on their lawn and what he should do is take them to court for harassment, but he won’t because he’s young. This was blown out of proportion but he’s young and he’ll learn. On top of the fact that he’s hanging out with black kids now and the simple fact of the matter is when you’re black you’re held to a different standard. That’s really what this is all about. He hangs out with primarily black people now so he’s held to the same standard. But he’s no different than Miley Cyrus or any other kid with a “wholesome white kid” image who is trying to break out of that and is being fought every step of the way. People just need to get off his dick and let him live.”

My mother. (via cairusso)


forgive me father for I am going to sin like a motherfucker tonight